5 Reasons why you SHOULD choose Nashville for your Next Bachelorette Party

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One of our favorite Nashville Bachelorette Groups riding the Honky Tonk Party Express. July 2016

Are you planning a Nashville Bachelorette Party? Do you need help in selecting the perfect city and planning the perfect time for your team of girls? Give me 5 minutes of your time and I can solve all your problems with one simple answer: NASHVILLE! Below I will give you the Top 5 reasons why you should select Nashville for your next Bachelorette Party. These tips could very well make you the hero of your group and provide a lifetime of memories in the process. Here we go!


  • NO COVER CHARGE! Yes, you read that correctly Downtown Nashville charges you no cover charge for all the Honky Tonks and bars. Why send your bachelorette party to Vegas when every club will charges just to step in the door. Screw that! If you planned a Nashville Bachelorette party your entire party gets into the every bar and every Honky Tonk for FREE. Let me repeat that again, FREE. Not charging you and you and your guests a cover charge will literally save your bachelorette group, hundreds of dollars. WIN!


  • RESTURANTS ARE BOOMING! Every bachelorette’s party foundation is dining at great restaurants. Nashville is now a mecca for new and amazing dining experiences. In fact, Nashville’s own HUSK Restaurant won the 2016 James Beard Award for “Best Culinary Resturant in America.” Nashville is now competing on a National level for having great restaurants. I have included a list of MUST TRY Nashville restaurants (here). Your Nashville Bachelorette Party just got more interesting as now your crew has several award-winning dining experiences. By the time your Nashville Bachelorette group reads this blog, you can be sure several more MUST TRY restaurants have already opened.


  • FLIGHTS ARE CHEAP! Planning a Nashville Bachelorette trip would seem expensive especially if you have to fly there. WRONG! Nashville offers thousands of cheap flights in and out of the city. Southwest has a hub and each airline will compete for your business. Check for deals on flights that arrive on Wednesdays and leave out on Mondays. These will always be cheaper. The best part about flying to Nashville during bachelorette season is you Nashville Bachelorette crew will more than likely be sharing flights with other Nashville bachelorette groups as well. Time for the awkward smiles and story telling!


  • HONKY TONKS & ROOFTOP BARS! Okay, if you are unsure what a “Honky Tonk” let me know explain. Think, every country song you’ve ever heard on the radio, add hundreds of people singing along, dancing and the next potential Keith Urban as the lead singer. Yes, the bands are as good if not better than advertised. You will get no better live country music in world, PERIOD! If your crew isn’t set on pulling the trigger just yet for a Nashville Bachelorette trip I would like to add one more, very new thing Nashville is doing. Roof Top Bars! Yes, finally Nashville has gotten smart and dozens of new Honky Tonks and area bars have or are adding rooftops. This 100% makes for a new experience. These rooftops get rowdy all day and all night. Let’s be honest, if you are going to do a Nashville Bachelorette party right, you have to day drink. Between the awesome live music and the amazing new rooftop bars, Downtown Nashville has you covered!


  • NASHVILLE VOTED #1 FOR BACHELORETTE PARTIES! If you can believe it and I can, Nashville has beaten Vegas for most bachelorette groups for the last two years. How? A lot has to do for the reasons I’ve listed above but mainly because everyone is Nashville is extremely nice. Nashville was even voted “Friendliest City in America in 2015.” What Nashville Bachelorette party would want to come here to a bunch of rude jerks? Call it an unwritten rule but in Nashville, you are nice to everyone. You say hello, you wave and you help people as much as possible. It’s just the Nashville way. That one reason alone is why Nashville gets so many new and repeat visitors. We are just nice and welcome everyone to wants to explore our amazing city.

These 5 powerful reasons should give you enough information you need to plan your next Nashville Bachelorette party. I promise your group won’t disappointed and there are so many things to do outside of Downtown I would need another hour to go through them all.  You got this! See yall in Nashville!


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