Nashville’s Newest Party Bus? Honky Tonk Party Express and why it’s Badass!

Why the Honky Tonk Party Express is Nashville’s Most Badass Party Bus!

Nashville Bar Golf, Honky Tonk Express, Nashville's newest party bus
Bar Golf Tour on Honky Tonk Party Express


If you haven’t heard already, Nashville has become one of the hottest cities to visit since being named “IT” City and “#1 Bachelorette Party City” in the Nation. Yes, Nashville continues to beat Vegas for Bachelorette and Bachelor parties now. This is mainly due to fact zero cover charge for Downtown bars and ease of travel to get to Nashville. Like any city that tourism and population are booming, people want to celebrate with their friends…. a lot. Thus enter the Party Bus Industry.

Nashville is no stranger to party buses. In fact, there are over 10-12 different companies that offer the same type of service. The experience goes something like this; Hop on a bus, listen to loud music and dance. This has been the standard for decades with little to no innovation for the party industry. Until now!

Nashville’s newest concept comes from the mind of local resident and mad genius, Grant Rosenblatt.  His vision was to create a new user experience like no other party bus has done before. What’s that you ask? Remove the top, open up the bus and have the guests interact not only with themselves but the city itself. “It’s Mardi Gras meets Nashville.” says Rosenblatt. “I rented party buses in the past and all everyone wanted to do was connect with the people outside of the bus. Party buses, especially in Nashville, are very confining. There is literally an entire world outside of your party bus that can take part in your celebration with you! To me, that’s the most amazing part. So we are giving the people want they truly want. A convertible party bus!”

Nashville Party Bus, Honky Tonk Party Express
Hannah, during Music City Bowl Tailgate Party on Honky Tonk Party Express

The Honky Tonk Party Express truly is Nashville’s most bad ass party bus!  It seats 32 people, has a large bar in the rear, an incredible sound system, large LED dance floor and comes equipped with a VIP party host. The bus really is as Rosenblatt says, “A honky tonk on wheels.” The best part is the party bus fills the niche between having an open-air experience with the ability to host large parties that would otherwise get separated in bars. We have tried the other party buses and once you go roofless, there is no going back. It’s such an amazing experience to be able to connect to people on the bus and outside. Let’s not forget how many people will be taking pictures of your group. You almost feel like a mini celebrity.

The Honky Party Express is Nashville’s best party bus. If you are looking for something your entire group can do, that’s completely unique and one of the most fun things you can do in Downtown Nashville, then look no further. The bus can be privately rented for $425 for two hours and will cruise through Downtown Nashville. If you need a party bus in Nashville we suggest you try your hand on the Honky Tonk Party Express. You will thank us later, we promise. Check them out at

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