Nashville’s 5 Best Party Tours for Your Next Party.

Nashville is no stranger to providing what we call party tours! What is a Nashville party tour? People used to call them party buses or the like, but Nashville has become so innovative that party buses have evolved into party tours.


#5 Nashville’s Party Porch

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Party Porch

Concept: Wine bar meets Party Bus

An innovative bus that was started by a local Nashvillian. The bus was designed to be more upscale in the sense you are able to sit and enjoy Nashville in an open air type vehicle. Think wine bar vs. party bus. You have a dedicated bartender with plenty of room for sitting. The bus isn’t like your traditional bus. It was once a medical bus that has been converted. It operates all year and mostly on the weekends. Check em out.

Pros: Plenty of seating, more upscale, open air

Cons: No standing, not as crazy,

#4 Nashville’s Party Wagon

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Party Wagon

Concept: Hay Ride meets Party Bus/ or Party Tractor?

This is by far Nashville’s most debated party tour. We think it’s a great idea but laced with a big stereotype that a lot of locals hate.  The tractor and hay ride design creates a lot of looks for bystanders, but it brings back a lot of old Nashville stereotypes that New Nashville is trying to squash. Talk to any local and you will see their opinion. Not to mention Nashville is questioning the legality of pulling people on trailer for commercial use. The jury is out on this Nashville party tour but we like the concept and the openness to dance.

Pros: Large dance floor, open air and definitely a head turner

Cons: Negative stereotype by locals and possible future legality issues

#3 Nashville Pedal Tavern

Honky Tonk Party Express
Nashville Pedal Tour

Concept: Bar meets Bicycle

If you’ve ever been to Nashville you will understand that the Pedal bars are all the rage. There are 3 companies that do “pedal bars” in Nashville. Our vote for the #3 slot for best Nashville party tour is, Nashville Pedal Tavern. This company is responsible for bring the pedal bars to Nashville. Even though there are other companies that do what Nashville Pedal Tavern does you have to ride the original. You literally pedal your away through Downtown Nashville while you drink beer and listen to tunes.

You only go a short distance but you will be sure to get a lot of “Whoooos.” We don’t like the fact you pay a lot of money only to be dropped off at several bars, to spend more money inside. Other than that, if you don’t mind pedaling……a lot, than this Nashville party tour is for you. BE WARNED. All pedal bars in Nashville have since been put under strict regulation on the hours of operation. We think this is unfair but Nashville passed this new law for 2017 moving forward. Hours of restriction: 4-6pm Monday – Friday.

Pros: God Father of the Nashville pedal bars, cool concept, drinking with friends on a bike

Cons: LOTS of pedaling, lots of stops at bars, very limited on area of operation and restricted hours.

#2 Nashville Party Barge

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Nashville Party Barge

Concept: Limo meets Party bus

Nashville’s Party Barge is a cool concept launced in Nashville 3 years ago. It’s a limo with the roof cut off and seating for 12. The idea is simple. You rent it out, ride around Nashville and holler at people. Well, “WHOOOOOO” at people.  You aren’t allowed to stand and it’s more of a low key booze cruise around town. The owner is local and is easy to work with on tours. They have 3 vehicles so if you need room for bigger parties you will have to rent the other limos, which could jump the price. We do think they look cool.

Pros: Easy, fun ride. Very open air and low key

Cons: No standing or dancing, parties with 12 or more will more than likely have to get several limos affecting price.

#1 Nashville’s Honky Tonk Party Express

Nashville Party Tour
Honky Tonk Party Express

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Mardi Gras meets Nashville

Nashville’s Honky Tonk Party Express is our vote for Nashville’s  best Party Tour. The Honky Tonk Party Express, is the country’s only open-air party bus in the country. It looks like a Mardi Gras float and it really does feel like you’re at Mardi Gras when you’re riding on it. It’s one of the largest party buses in the Nashville, so you can fit your party of 5 or 32 on ONE bus. No need for multiple vehicles which saves money. The Honky Tonk Party Express bus also is equipped with a large bar, a VIP bartender, large LED dance floor and a massive sound system.

Adding to the fun, you are allowed to dance and move about during your tour as well as stand on the wooden benches for the most amazing veiws of Nashville. The Honky Tonk Party Express operates 7 day a week and even runs $275 Private VIP tours on Thursdays. No reason not to celebrate your party on Nashville’s Honky Tonk Party Express. Our pick for the #1 Best thing to do in Nashville and best party tour in Nashville. Call them today: 615-433-5594

Pros: VIP bartender, Open-air, Massive sound system, stand & dance, great for small or very large group parties

Cons: Books fast, no cover if it rains.




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