FAQ | You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers.

What is the Honky Tonk Party Express?

We are Nashville’s first and only roofless party bus. We service bachelorette/ bachelor parties, birthday parties, themed parties, pub crawls, corporate outings and even parades. We can best be described as a Honky Tonk on Wheels or Mardi Gras meets Nashville. Our party bus caters to groups as small as 8 to large groups of 30.

Complete with a massive sound system, your Nashville party bus also comes with a fully built bar, VIP bartender, LED dance floor and the best way to experience the city. The party bus tour lasts for 2 hours and operates in the Downtown Nashville core.

Can we drink on the party bus?

Yes! This is a party bus after all but it is BYOB. You’ll need to bring the beverages you plan to consume before we depart. We will provide coolers, ice, and cups. NO GLASS! NO FULL KEGS! Liquor is permitted as long as it is not in a glass bottle. You will be provided with your very own VIP bartender(s) to serve your drinks.

What does BYOB mean?

Bring your own beer or beverage. This means beer, wine, water, liquor, mixers. We’ll store your beverages on the bus in our large ice-filled coolers. Please do NOT bring glass bottles of any kind.  Cleaning up glass after a party is not fun.

Does your Nashville crew need help locating great beer and liquor stores in Downtown Nashville? If so, click the links below

Frugal Macdoogals

Metro Wine Nashville

How long is a party bus tour?

Your party bus tour is roughly 2 hours. Please keep in mind 10 minutes before party bus ends we will make an announcement to your party and prepare to depart back to your unload location.

How much is a party bus tour?

  • Private group rental rates for 2 hours:
    • Friday – Saturday: $495 + taxes & fees (gratuity not included)
    • Sunday – Thursday: $375 + taxes & fees (gratuity not included)
    • (If you wish to have a longer tour please contact us for pricing)
  • Individual seats = $49 + taxes & fees a person. (Please check availability for open seats and tours.)

How fast does the party bus go?

Your party bus goes over 26 mph but never too fast to enjoy the sites.

Are we allowed to stand while the party bus is in motion?

Yes, you are allowed to stand while your party bus is motion. We encourage your Nashville Party crew to be seated while party bus is in motion.  *STANDING IS AT YOUR OWN RISK*

How many people can fit on the party bus?

A minimum of (6) with a maximum of (25). Need more seating?! Call us to combine all 3 buses and take a group of 75!

How early should our Nashville party arrive?

We suggest 15 minutes early for your party bus (See late policy). Please have all your BYOB drinks in hand and ready to load on the party bus. (PLEASE NO GLASS!) This gives you ample time to load your Nashville party crew and your drinks, go over rules and sign waivers( Sign Waivers Here).

Are there bathroom breaks on the party bus?

Yes, we will take at least 1 bathroom break an hourish within your tour. We can also take as many as the group needs and typically we stop at local downtown bars or convenient gas stations so your group can purchase beverages.

Do we mainly party on the party bus or is this a bar crawl?

Great question! We’ve built the party bus to be it’s your private bar on wheels. Other than taking a bathroom break or getting a quick drink in a bar, the party bus is made to be all-inclusive bar/party/dance floor for you & your party. Your party bus is complete with a full built-in bar with a VIP bartender.

Do we go through Downtown Nashville?

Yes. Your party bus will go through and around Downtown Nashville but we do not have a specific route. Occasionally Lower Broadway has street closures, which may or may not prevent us from operating in Downtown Nashville. But, we are Nashville’s #1 party bus, so we can go to other fun areas and still have a great time. So no worries! (So please note Downtown is not guaranteed)

Can I throw things off the party bus?

No! You are never allowed to throw anything off your party bus for any reason. Not even trash. No not give people on the streets food or beverages.  Throwing anything off the party bus or handing others on the street food or beverage could lead to an immediate ejection from your tour with no refund. We take this rule very seriously. Don’t be that person!

Do I need to book the party bus advance?

Yes, booking in advance is highly recommended. We will allow day of bookings if we are available to perform a tour. Booking in advance is the only way to guarantee your awesome Nashville party bus experience.

Can we decorate the party bus?

Yes! We allow all types of decorations as long as they are non-offensive and appropriate. Remember, there are children that do walk through downtown Nashville. Advance notice is required for approval and staff must approve once decorated. Staff has the right to ask you to remove any decorations for any reason. Not doing so can forfeit your tour.

What if it rains or I need to cancel the party bus?

Weather: We run rain or shine. We offer a canopy roof during rainy days to keep you dry(ish). We will cancel your tour if we feel conditions are too unsafe due to weather. We offer a full refund if we cancel the tour.

Canceling tours: Guests have up until  7 days prior to your tour to cancel a tour. If you cancel a tour within the 7-day window before your tour, you will ONLY be refunded 20% of your tour. ANY tour canceled by guest within 48 hours before tour & without consulting with management in company, is subject to “$0” refund. See policies.

What should I bring on the party bus?

BYOB: Please bring your you own drinks before you load up on the party bus. Feel free to bring beer, liquor, wine and mixers as long as they are NOT glass. Regulations do not allow for us to carry glass for safety reasons. If you have liquor or wine in glass, we suggest pouring it into a plastic bottle or risk having it left behind for tour.

BRING WATER: It gets hot out there!

Cash: Please bring plenty of cash. This not only will help with tipping the staff but also help with purchasing drinks when we make a pit stop at bar.

ID: Please bring your ID (Must be 21 years old if alcohol is on the bus) Everyone gets ID’ed.

Storage: We do have limited storage space for personal items. Space is very limited.

Sunscreen: You never know!

What if I leave something on the party bus?

We are not responsible for items left or stolen on the party bus during or after a tour.  We can store items on the party bus, but we can not guarantee their safety. We will hold items left on the party bus for 5 days before discarding them.

What if I want to add someone to my party bus group last minute?

We do not recommend this but understand people are late to sign up.

  • Private Rental – Company needs to be alerted and cash or card needs to be paid to host. (Booking not guaranteed due to capacity)
  • Public tour – Book an individual seat online. (Booking not guaranteed due to capacity)

Do you offer tours all year round?

Yes, we can offer tours year round. Remember the bus is roofless so get ready to dress for the weather.

Is anyone under 21 allowed on the party bus if there’s drinking?

No, everyone must be 21 if there is alcohol on the party bus. No exceptions. If no alcohol is present children 18 years and older are allowed.

Are children allowed on the party bus?

No, children are not allowed. Must be 21 to drink. Anyone caught drinking whose not 21 will be escorted off the party bus and not be refunded their money.

Can we play our own music on the party bus?

Yes, we use Spotify. We can play just about any song you desire. If you have a playlist create on on Spotify and we will find it and play it. Your host has the right to turn down music, turn off songs if deemed inappropriate or revoke music privileges from the group if deemed offensive.

Should I tip the staff on the party bus?

Our hosts work strictly off your gratuity only. They are there to ensure you have a great and safe experience. If you have a great time show them with a big ole’ fat tip!

How do I contact you to book a Nashville party bus experience?

The best way is email @ Honkytonkpartyepxress@gmail.com

You can always call us (615) 433-5594

What if I have more than 25 people?

Not a problem! We offer multiple buses or we can do two party tours back to back. We can’t allow more than 25 people at a time on the bus, but if you have more than 25 people we recommend contacting us. We can make it work!

Where do we meet (to start) and where does the party bus end?

Tin Roof Broadway, Downtown location

Due to TN State laws please leave all outside beverages on the outside of the restaurant. We will keep your wait time to a minimum. Otherwise, have a drink inside.